“It could be Cristiano, Messi or Neymar”

The renowned astrologer and fortune teller Mhoni Vidente, who has taken several spaces to predict what will happen in the World Cup in Qatar, stated in the last hours that before the final between the teams of Argentina and France something will happen that will mourn the world of soccer.

The Cuban, who is based in Mexico, stated that a soccer star is going to die a few hours before the start of the grand final of the World Cup. The death of this soccer player would be through an accident or attack.

In this sense, Mhoni ventured to say the possible footballers who could suffer this fateful end. According to the seer, Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi are the possible victims.

“I visualize the death of someone very important in the world of football. This will be due to an accident or an attack. He will be between 30 and 37 years old. It can be Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or Neymar”, indicated Mhoni.

In addition, he added that this accident will mark the history of football. In the same way, he assured that the letter of death is on all of them.

“This is an accident that will mark the history of football. The death card is on all of them, so they have to take care of themselves, ”he asserted.

It is worth mentioning that days ago the astrologer predicted the teams that were going to play the seven matches of the competition, where she managed to guess that Argentina and France were going to play the semifinals; However, he was wrong in the Croatian match against Brazil, since Mhoni stated that those led by Tite would go to the next round, which did not happen.

“Holland (Netherlands) and Argentina, Argentina wins. Between France and England, which is going to be great, I see that love is love and France wins. Brazil has been beating Croatia, most likely; However, I cannot give a winner of the series between Morocco and Portugal”, affirmed the seer at the time.

Likewise, the astrologer predicted the elimination of Mexico in the first round and the subsequent departure of Gerardo el ‘Tata’ Martino from the technical direction of the team. In addition, in the round of 16 he asserted that Argentina, France or Brazil would play the grand final of the competition, which he was also correct.

“The devil is behind Colombia”

At this last time of the year, the rituals to end 2022 are becoming increasingly popular, since many of them are the perfect opportunity to thank and mark a new cycle full of purposes and dreams. But predictions from some astrologers and seers about what will happen in this month of December are also made known.

That is why Mhoni Vidente released his predictions for this month about some events that will mark the holiday season in the world. The seer pointed out that there will be drastic changes in the climate, as a great winter storm will be unleashed that will appear in a large part of the world. He also predicted one of the worst winters.

Within his predictions, he noted that countries like Mexico, Peru, Chile, India and Japan will feel strong earthquakes, in addition to the eruption of several volcanoes. In turn, the astrologer predicted that the death of someone important may occur, such as a politician, artist or businessman with a lot of power.

Regarding the war between Ukraine and Russia, the seer affirmed that “the devil is behind these countries”, as well as in China, the United States, Colombia, Spain, Mexico and Argentina.

Finally, the seer warned that this month there may be many breakups and love quarrels, so it is necessary to work on relationships with a lot of patience and value the people around you.

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