In the absence of a goal, a French player who would reach the Mexican National Team

Mbappé celebrating with PSG
Mbappé celebrating with PSG

The Mexican National Team is working to achieve a new generation of Mexican soccer players who can already compete at the highest level despite their youth. Football has changed, now there is more commitment to young people, more and more clubs are investing in their youth academies in order to strengthen their internal competition. For the Selection to achieve it, they will have to work a lot on the subject.

Before in Mexican soccer, there were few teams that could boast of their work with young people, for example, Pumas was the most recognized academy of Aztec football, later the work carried out by Grupo Pachuca would be added, who invested a large sum of money to help new talents and at the same time the team. Which ended up giving him good results with championships.

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Now, entities such as Grupo Orlegui have joined, which seeks to consummate the sports project with Atlas and Santos. We could also add globalization and player naturalization. The French team is a clear example of this and has given them good results, such as winning the World Cup in 2018 and now in 2022 repeating the final, in addition to having a generation for more years to come.

Who is the Frenchman who could play for Mexico?

Edén Gignac is the player in question, although he is barely a child, he has dual nationality, Mexican by birth and French by his father André-Pierre Gignac. Let’s hope that he inherits part of his talent as a striker and that the Mexican National Team gets its act together and seeks to call him up as soon as possible, especially in the absence of a goal, in Mexican soccer there are no forward centers with a goal.

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