I asked for ‘9’ and they told me that Luis Suárez, Potro Gutiérrez expectationHalf time

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Raúl Gutiérrez, Cruz Azul coach, He spoke about the rumors of the arrival of Luis Suárez to his team. El Potro explained that before his request for a striker, the board responded with the chances of having the Uruguayan in the Machine.

“I ask for a ‘9’ and they tell me that Luis Suárez. I said ‘why not?’ It’s a possibility. I found out, the board told me and they asked me. The idea is to shore up the squad and we’re on that line of finding a ‘9’. I hope it’s him. It will be very important that the people who come do it as soon as possible, ”he commented at the end of tonight’s game against Pumas at the Olímpico Universitario Stadium where they won 2-1.

Without a doubt, the contribution that the Pistolero could give to the sky-blues and the Liga MX is recognized from within the institution, although El Potro knows that he must overcome the situation and focus on the needs of your campus.

“I hope he comes. We are in that expectation. If it is Luis Suárez, he will be welcome. We’ll see what we’ll do with him here, the idea is for him to score goals. If it is not given, we will continue in that search. A guy of that caliber will always be very good for Mexican soccer. Hopefully he comes so that the fans are happy”.

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Secondly, Gutiérrez spoke about the situation of Iván Morales, who continues training in La Noria after no interest has been given to its services. Of course, in the event that Cruz Azul achieves the signing of Suárez, they will have to sacrifice a foreigner to comply with the regulation of the 10 footballers not trained in our country.

“What I think is that we are going to wait. There are a lot of changes, there are possibilities that he will come or not come. What remains for us? Estrada is training, Iván too. They have to be in shape”, he concluded.

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