Horoscopes of the week: Know your destiny from December 18 to 25 according to your zodiac sign


Luck will be on your side this week, especially in matters of love and relationships; You can finally feel all that love that you wanted so much. Just be cautious and be careful not to tell anyone about your sentimental problems.


Your mission this week is to stay positive, don’t let go of your dreams and goals, believe in yourself. Remember that a losing streak is just a bump in the road and does not define your progress. Only you know how hard you’ve tried.


It will be a closing year full of responsibilities and work, but don’t despair, because you will get great financial benefits from everything you are doing. Your lucky numbers will be 6 and 15.


It is time to free yourself from all tensions and work stress. You have to reconnect with yourself and your life purpose. Allow yourself to feel the love of your loved ones and enjoy their company. Recharge your energies and leave aside the drama that surrounds you.


Try to run away from gossip and people who only criticize others, as this drains people’s energy and prevents them from focusing on their personal problems, which are much more important than what happens to third parties. So avoid getting involved in these types of conversations.


It may be a chaotic or heavy week at work, but don’t worry, because this Christmas and Christmas Eve you will have to enjoy it and have a great time with your loved ones. So the efforts will be worth it.


There will be many parties and you will be in high demand, since everyone knows that you are the best to set the mood, however, do not fall into excesses, because your sign is very passionate and you could end up in an argument with someone.


After several months of drama and problems, joy and happiness will finally knock on your door, you will feel full and full of love. Without a doubt, this will be a great time for you, so make the most of it.


This week you should put yourself as a priority, do not accept commitments or go to meetings that you do not feel like attending. Do not try to look good with anyone and better spend it with people who appreciate you and make you feel comfortable or loved.


This Christmas you will have to understand why the universe put so many tests on you this year. And as painful as it has been, you will understand that everything was conspired for you to continue growing and moving towards your goals.


Life will surprise you in a positive way this week, it is possible that there will be a trip, a reunion with a love from the past or an economic bonus that you did not expect. However, do not forget to give thanks for the abundance that will come to you.


Enjoy the parties and dinners this time of year, but don’t neglect your health, so that you start 2023 with the best energy and condition. So avoid excesses and try to sleep well.

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