He fears the competition, a player from El Tri would not want Gignac in the National Team

Gignac celebrating with France
Gignac celebrating with France

After the painful participation in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the Mexican team is looking for a renewal, this plan is designed to change the roots of Mexican soccer, eliminate the limits that are presented to young people who are looking for an opportunity in the MX League. For this, you have to search from the depths of Mexican soccer and ideally everything to help future generations.

Working with future generations is essential today for any team, be it a national team or a club. Mexico has as its closest example its northern neighbors that in this World Cup they presented a squad full of players with more future projection than present. Despite having an inexperienced team, the United States managed to advance to the next round, although Canada failed to advance, they showed a better game than El Tri.

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One of the problems that afflicts Mexican soccer and homegrown players and national players from minor divisions is the excessive number of foreigners in Liga MX, where they are preferred over a Mexican. This problem has caused Mexican promises to look for opportunities in other countries, such as striker Marcelo Flores, who has fought for an opportunity in El Tri.

Who is the player would not want Gignac in the Tri?

After André Gignac’s proposal to summon his son for 2036, Marcelo Flores would undoubtedly know that his future ownership with El Tri could depend on the good performance of Edén Gignac. By then Marcel would be at the end of his career, while Eden would be a promise waiting for his father to teach her a little about all his experience.

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