From the floor, Maribel Guardia impacts her 63 with a risky minidress

One of the most iconic names when it comes to fashion and beauty is that of Maribel Guardia, who from a very young age captivated everyone, especially after winning the title of Miss Costa Rica that brought her to the world spotlight; However, over the years, she has shown that her popularity has not come to an end and that the 60s are the new 20s. On social networks, the beautiful actress and singer is a success, since her fans of all ages do not they stop celebrating how beautiful and fashionista she is, since almost every day she surprises with impact looks and among them some quite risky.

In this category of “risky“, Maribel Guardia He gave a lot to talk about this weekend, as he shared a photo posing from the floor to show off not only his enviable figure to the 63 years old, but also a mini-dress black with which she captivated many due to a pronounced neckline in the blouse area and a flirtatious opening in the skirt that leaves little to the imagination. Of course, in a matter of minutes his publication exceeded more than 15 thousand likes and hundreds of comments. flattering her beauty.

Through his official Instagram account. where she accumulates 7.8 million followers, the actress shared a photo in which laying on the ground showed off her beauty and sent an important message of self-love with which she once again demonstrated that age is not an impediment to love, much less to show off a mini-dress in the most iconic way. And it is that the design stands out for being fitted to the figure and thus highlighting each of the curves of the body, as well as a “V” neckline that highlights the attributes.

This is how Maribel Guardia raised the temperature. (Photo: IG @maribelguardia)

The garment has a pair of shiny suspenders with which Johan Sebastian’s ex captivated online and that make the perfect match with the risky neckline. Likewise, the length of the skirt is very impressive because it goes to the middle of the thigh and thus exposes some impressive legs. Of course, it is not the only notable thing, because the mini-dress also has a side opening accompanied with a white ribbon that gives it a pretty touch flirtatious to the whole image.

In his fashionable chair, Maribel Guardia He also wore a pair of high-heeled sandals and in which the shine is present to complete the straps of the dress. On the other hand, to finish captivating with her beauty, she left her hair loose and with a carefree style to give more volume; while for her makeup she maintained her discretion and elegance, making her eyes the main protagonists.

“No one falls in love with you for your false qualities, everyone falls in love with you for your sincere defects,” wrote the famous to accompany her photo session from the floor. For her part, her fans filled her with flattery with comments like “beautiful”, “goddess, “the most beautiful”, “she’s divine”, “I can’t find the right words to describe your beauty” and “the most beautiful in the world”.


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