French tarot reader predicts who will be champion of the 2022 World Cup and generates disgust in his country

The 2022 edition of the world is about to end and the title will be disputed between France, defending champion, and Argentina, which hopes to rediscover glory after 36 years. The Lusail Stadium, in Doha, will be the scene of the dispute next Sunday. While the teams work on their preparation for the big day, psychics, tarot readers and other specialists have launched their predictions. Some add to the enthusiasm of each hobby and others cause concern, as happened with the tarot reader Jérome Merah in his own country.

Merah has a YouTube channel where she shares her tarot sessions. On this occasion, he dedicated a space for the predictions of the World Cup final and spoke of the conditions in which each team arrives.

Regarding the team led by Didier Deschamps, he said that although “it has a level almost similar to that of Argentina”, what could play against it is the “tension” within the squad because there will be “anger” between the footballers. The prediction is that the game “will have a difficult start for France” and although it is possible that they will dominate in the final stretch of the match. A letter, that of the “devil”, does not portend a positive result but “a fatality” and a “fate suffered”.

In general, the tarot reader believes that the duel for the World Cup “will be a game with a lot of stress that could create rivalries between the players and among the fans.” But not only that. According to the letters, the match will have “lots of twists and a possible surprise ending.”

What did he see about the Argentine team?

But that was not what worried the French fans but the reading about Lionel Scaloni’s team, which he considered a “very solid” squad and, although he sees that they could face changes compared to previous games, after launching the cards he predicted a “good omen” and a “potential victory”.

The predictions were not positive for those who usually attend to their content, but he clarified: “Although my heart beats for France, my circulation tells me that Argentina will win.”

The French tarot reader sees the Argentine team as the winner of the world final. Hannibal Greco – THE NATION

According to local media, Jerome Mareh was right in his predictions about how the games between Argentina and Croatia, France and Morocco would end.

Although the video went viral with some negative comments, several of his followers thanked him for being honest in his work and remained positive about the outlook. “We will say that the best man wins. And if then France loses, honor is safe. Our team has been excellent from the beginning”; “Argentina with Leo Messi remains a challenge that the French are quite capable of taking on,” they wrote.

The “devil” card drawn by Jerome Mareh predicts a doom for France in the match – screenshot

One even dared to make a different reading about the “devil” card that appeared in the session: “If you allow me, I would see here the mystery of the devil as that of strategy. A very high level game by Argentina, but possible disappointments. Thank you for making these difficult readings,” commented a French fan.

A follower commented that in the last edition, played in Russia, Jerome predicted that France would be world champion, as it finally happened against Croatia.


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