For stepping on the Tri jersey, Messi’s new karma in the World Cup Final

The new karma that comes to Messi in the World Cup final
The new karma that comes to Messi in the World Cup final

The Argentine striker Leonel Messi stepped on the Mexico shirt and I do not apologize. Well, in his opinion, I do not insult Mexico at all, however, now the worst of karmas comes to him in the final between Argentina and France in Qatar 2022.

The worst terror of Lionel Messi undoubtedly continues to be the arbitration influence in the match between France and Argentina, because in addition to the fact that they will have a European whistle, FIFA announced that the Mexican Fernando Guerrero will be among the referees in the VAR.

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All the decisions that are made within the VAR would undoubtedly go through Fernando Guerrero and although there would be no reason to think that it had a negative impact against Argentina, but for the month and without a doubt it is a concern to still have a Mexican whistle after the controversy after stepping on the Tri shirt.

Fernando Guerrero will be VAR referee

Outstanding performances in the World Cup in Qatar Fernando Guerrero was selected as part of the shortlist to be in charge of VAR in the final between France and Argentina.

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