fans enter the field and attack the goalkeeper Halftime

Melbourne, Australia /

The goalkeeper of Melbourne City turned out injured after one camp invasion during the derby against Melbourne Victorywhich led to the suspension of this match from the A-League this Saturday, in the capital of the state of Victoria (southeast).

Fans of both teams had planned to jump off the field at minute 20, like protest against the decision of the League announced during the week to play the next three finals of the championship in sydney.

But this manifestationwhich at first was supposed to be peaceful, became twisted, with the launching flaresone of which hit the back of one of the party cameras, according to local media.

Another of them landed a few meters from the goal defended by Tom Glover, Melbourne City goalkeeper, who returned it to the stands where Melbourne fans were Melbourne Victory. Their response was invade the field in the direction of Gloverone of them throwing a metal bucket that violently hit the goalkeeper in the face, injuring him.

Several Fightthey exploded and several fans balanced on the crossbar of one of the goals, before the game was finally interrupted.

“Tom Glover received medical care in the locker room and probably has a concussion“, he tweeted. Melbourne Citywith photos of his player’s bloodied face.

According to Australian Football Federationthe referee of the match, Alex King, was also injured.

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