El Tri has his savior, he is Mexican and the son of a French star

Mexican National Team, Thierry Henry and Marcelo Flores
Mexican National Team, Thierry Henry and Marcelo Flores

The Mexican Soccer Team is in a crisis because it does not have soccer players who can improve the level that exists within the representative of our country, there are even many worried about whether it will be possible to continue competing due to the shortage of promising players in Mexican soccer.

That is why it is getting out of the conventional, the Mexican Football Federation expanded its search and now they pay attention to players with dual nationality or who for one reason or another may be considered to wear the Mexico shirt.

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André Pierre Gignac spoke about the current situation of Mexican soccer and noted some concern about the decline in quality in Mexican soccer and was not very happy with the failure of El Tri in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The foregoing led him to propose his son to be one of the players who can change the face of the team, since he has Mexican nationality, plays soccer and according to the Tigres star has a high level in this sport.

What did Gignac say about his son?

“The truth is a complicated subject for me. I would wait for the 2034 World Cup, because an attacker called Eden Gignac will come and he will help us a lot. He is Mexican and he is left-handed, imagine, ”Gignac commented in an interview he gave to Fox Sports.

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