Drake wins a fortune of money after betting that Messi and Argentina would beat France in the World Cup in Qatar


Drake is well known for often betting in the sports world. In fact, it is usually quite a famous event to see how the mythical singer gambles untold amounts of money and happily shares it on his social networks.

This time it has happened again, since the one considered one of the best rappers in history has gambled a million dollars because Argentina wins in the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

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The rapper’s record is not the most accurate, but it is true that he usually shares his triumphs or misfortunes through social networks, where he usually explains who he bets on and why.

The singer bets on Leo Messi’s last chance to win one of the few trophies that resist him.

It must be said that Drake is not really known for the accuracy of his sports betting. So much so that the “Drake curse” exists on the internet, a phenomenon that says that every time the singer appears with an athlete or bets money on his victory, he has a good chance of losing.

This phenomenon arose in 2016, when Drake supported the NBA team Golden State Warriors in the final of the American basketball championship, before he became the first to lose it after having a 3-1 lead. On the web, many Internet users have humorously interpreted this bet as a sign of a future defeat for Argentina.

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