Dj Adoni promised and delivered! He made history in the Palace

The famous Dominican DJ Julio Adoni Gross, better known as Dj Adoni, broke out on stage during his massive concert that took place this Saturday at the Palacio de los Deportes.

When the clock struck 10:43 at night, the lights went out and in the audience all you could hear was ¨Adoni, Adoni, Adoni…¨.

Then, the singer began his show mentioning his epic phrase “tamo ready, whoever wants to waste their time advise me”.

But, the moment where the fans went crazy was when he asked them who is in the house?, to which they all responded “Adoniiiiiiiiiiiiiii”, with great excitement.

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During the concert, while he was mixing live, the artists came out surprisingly to interpret the songs that were being played at the time.

Among the guests of the king of cymbals were Elvis Martinez, Dowba Montana, Luis Miguel del Amargue, La Perversa, El Alfa, among others.

The musical genres that reigned that night were bachata, reggaeton, dembow, salsa and merengue.

The show was produced by Saymon Díaz and his company SD Concerts.

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