David Beckham broke his silence and spoke about the World Cup in Qatar 2022

designated by the New York Times For not commenting on the impact of the World Cup in Qatar, while he is one of the emirate’s paid ambassadors, David Beckham said this Saturday, December 17, through a spokesman that “sport has the power to be a force for the good in the world.”

In an article published Friday titled The absent speaker in the World Cupthe American newspaper indicated that Qatari authorities were disappointed by the silence of the former English Real Madrid star or Manchester United, when he is being paid for being one of the World Cup ambassadors.

According to him New York TimesBeckham would have demanded very strict conditions for his public interventions and seems to dodge questions on certain issues, such as Qatari laws that prohibit homosexuality.

In response to that article, his spokesperson released a statement stating that “David was involved in various World Cups and other international tournaments, both as a player and as an ambassador and always believed that sport has the power to be a force for good in the world.” world”.

“We understand that there are different and strongly rooted opinions regarding the organization (of the World Cup) in the Middle East, but we consider it positive that the debate on these key issues has been stimulated by the first World Cup organized in the region”, added the same source.

“We hope that these conversations lead to greater understanding and empathy among all and that progress is achieved,” the statement added.

David Beckham, 47, would have received, according to some media, 180 million dollars over a period of ten years to promote Qatar, although other media speak of a sum of 15 million dollars a year in three years.

Beckham played in the 1998, 2002 and 2006 World Cups with England.

Soccer worldwide can be classified as a hobby, a habit of life or a passion; however, for others it is a money making machine. Within the framework of Qatar 2022, the International Federation of Association Football (Fifa) delivered one of the most successful balance sheets in its history from an economic point of view.

According to Gianni Infantino, president of Fifa, this year has represented the best in terms of finances for the federation. The income from the development of the World Cup skyrocketed the collection of money to reach multi-million figures.

Thanks to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, profits this year will close at 7.5 billion dollars (36 billion pesos at the current exchange rate), that is, one billion dollars above what Fifa had budgeted for this year.

This will be reflected in the budget increase for the period from 2023 to 2026. The Council approved a budget of 11 billion dollars (52 billion pesos at the current exchange rate) that must be invested in said cycle.

These resources will be used to carry out the reforms required in the Club World Cup, where the aim is to increase the number of participating teams. Investments are also expected in everything that has to do with sports ethics, regulations and discipline, according to the sports portal Récord.

*With information from AFP.

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