Cruz Azul takes the lead!

According to the latest versions, the gunslinger is closer to becoming a reinforcement of Machine for him Closing 2023

Cruz Azul's proposal that Luis Suárez would have on the table would be the most attractive.
© Media JamCruz Azul’s proposal that Luis Suárez would have on the table would be the most attractive.

In the last two days the possible arrival of Luis Suárez to Cruz Azul has captured the attention of Cruzazulino followers, but also of a large part of soccer family in Mexico. “Almost Closed”were some of the first words from Uruguay to warn that the gunslinger could become reinforcement of Machine for Closing 2023.

and around the possible signing of Luis Suárezthe latest information that has been disseminated indicates that Cruz Azul has taken a step on the teams that also seduce the Uruguayan striker who will be 36 years old next January. “You have to be careful, but Machine took the lead”, he points out.

“The The proposal that Cruz Azul sent to Luis Suarez is superior to offers you have from the MLS and of a Europe minor clubwhile the Gremio already rejected a proposal and for now there have been no further advances, you have to be cautious, it is missing, but Machine took the lead…”, wrote the Argentine Nahuel Ferreira, a specialist in the pass market.

Around the possible salary sought by the crack charrúait has been speculated that his possible salary would be around 280 thousand dollars monthly, that is, about 5.6 million Mexican pesos; little more than 3.3 million dollars per year or 67.2 million Mexican pesos.

In view of this, it was mentioned that the figure would be almost impossible to pay for Cruz Azul. However, it seems that the situation has taken a radical turntaking into account that the entity’s proposal cement -until now- is the most attractive What would I have on the table? Luis Suarez. to time.

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