Croatia wins the pride match in Qatar 2022 in a historic match against Morocco

Croatia tookó  the third place match at Qatar 2022 (Photo by: Peter Cziborra - Pool/Getty Images)

Croatia took the third-place match at Qatar 2022 (Photo by: Peter Cziborra – Pool/Getty Images)

Croatia and Morocco experienced a frantic encounter. Many are against playing one more game to play for third place. However, this match is the best consolation prize a World Cup team could get after failing to win the World Cup. Being runner-up only reminds you of the defeat and how short you were to reach the maximum trophy. Today, the Balkans and Africans forgot about the final and they starred in their last game in Qatar 2022 in the best possible way.

The vibrations started early. Josko Gvardiol put the Croatian squad ahead just eight minutes into the first half. Luka Modric was in charge of taking a free kick several meters from the Moroccan large area. The Real Madrid player launched a cross into the heart of the area to Ivan Perisicthe same one who recentered the ball with his head and, close to the penalty mark, Gvardiol launched himself from “dove” to finish off and go up on the scoreboard.

The sweet taste of the goal quickly turned sour for the Croats. Achraf Dari responded in the same way. He beat World Cup hero Livakovic, also headfirst, for an instant equalizer that showcased his survival instinct that propelled them throughout the tournament.

Three minutes from the end of the first half, Mislav Oršić received the ball on the side of the large area, but his genius left the postcard of one of the best goals in the World Cup. The Croatian player did not think for two seconds about what he was going to do, as he finished off first. The ball took a breath and traveled to the far post of Bono, Morocco’s goalkeeper sensation.

Both squads were characterized throughout the World Cup as being teams with pride, that when their legs no longer gave them, their spirit was the one that took the baton. And all of that was translated into this match, more so because the two were the teams that played the most overtime in the elimination phase.

With two goals against one, Croatia gets on a World Cup podium again. After having achieved the world runner-up in 2018now they take third place and confirm to be the golden generation of their soccer.


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