Boone raves about Yankees rotation: ‘I love it’

NEW YORK – Assuming the pacts with patrolman Aaron Judge and starter Carlos Rodón become official soon, Yankees manager Aaron Judge is excited about how his roster is shaping up for the 2023 season.

One day after the contract was informed by six years and US$162 million with RodónBoone spoke about the all-star lefty at the Yankees’ Winter Wonderland event at Yankee Stadium on Friday.

“There’s nothing official yet, of course,” Boone said of Rodon. “But hopefully we can get past the finish line. And obviously we’re talking about a really talented kid who’s started to figure things out in the last couple of years. Hopefully he can have a big impact with us.”

Added Boone: “I think he’s developed into one of the best pitchers out there and he’s shown recently that he can be a top guy in a rotation. Let’s hope he continues to reach his potential.”

“I think in the last two years he has learned a lot about himself and his mechanics. I know he’s made a couple of adjustments to his pitching that have helped make him the pitcher he is today.”

Rodón, who turned 30 last week, continued to rise last year. After taking off with 185 strikeouts with the White Sox in 2021, he set a career-high last season with the Giants fanning 237 opponents. Rodón’s addition to the Yankees’ rotation makes her one of the best in baseball, joining Gerrit Cole, Cuban Néstor Cortés and Dominicans Luis Severino and Frankie Montás.

“I love the way it looks,” Boone said of the rotation. “He has the opportunity to be very special – a lot of talented pitchers. But we are in December. They have to go out there and do it.”

Boone said the Yankees had been trying to get Rodon for years, saying the pitcher had “been on our board a lot.”

The manager confessed that he did not speak personally with Rodón during the Yankees’ process of convincing the pitcher, but he did admit to speaking with the lefty briefly on Thursday.

“Hopefully we can finish everything this week,” Boone said, about the deals with Rodon and Judge.

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