Argentina wins the World Cup: the cabals used by the fans of the albiceleste in ‘Barwargento’, the “Argentine” neighborhood of Qatar

  • Jose Carlos Cueto – @josecarloscueto
  • BBC World Special Envoy to Qatar

Flag of Argentina with the face of Maradona in Barwargento.

image source, José Carlos Cueto / BBC World

On the day of the final, the Argentine Guido Peralta followed a very particular ritual, although he already warned before the match against France that he might have forgotten something because the list is long and detailed.

“In the preview I go to the roast early and hang two of my four flags in the exact place. I go with the same shirt and chain, same clock, same pants, same socks and sneakers“.

These are some of his cabals when the Argentine team plays. And in Qatar he also followed them.

The albiceleste won their third cup, and made up for the lost opportunity against Germany in 2014 and got Lionel Messi the icing on the cake for a career that lacked a World Cup.

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