Argentina wins the World Cup: the albiceleste defeats France in “the best final of all time” and brings the World Cup to South America for the tenth time

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The kid’s dream has come true for Lionel Messi and 45 million albiceleste hearts: Argentina is three-time world champion after beating France on penalties in the Qatar 2022 final.

It is the tenth World Cup that goes to a South American team after the five won by Brazil, the two by Uruguay and the other two that Argentina already collected.

The first goal of the final -which some commentators say has been “best of all time”– was marked by Lionel Messi after taking a penalty following a foul committed in the area by Ángel Di María.

It was him fifth penalty called against Argentina in is world Cup and sets a new record for shots from 11 meters awarded to a team in the same tournament.

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