Yeri Mua celebrates her 21st birthday full of whipped cream and natural

yeri mua is receiving the love of his fans, because this day is celebrating her 21st birthday. The influencer commemorated this important date in a big way, since she shared a daring photo session, very much in her style, since she posed natural, only spreading whipped cream on a cake. The images ignited the network and as expected, she has received many reactions from her followers, who are sending her congratulatory messages and for her post, some compliments.

Yeri Cruz Varela, real name of the content creator, is one of the most famous of the digital platforms, so it is not surprising that this December 17 is receiving hundreds of congratulations on your birth, both from his fans, and from other influencers with whom he has formed a good friendship. Despite the fact that since the early hours of this day she had several messages, the first to start the celebration was the beauty blogger herself, who shared some daring images that raised the temperature.

Yeri Mua fills herself with cake to celebrate her birthday

The native of Coatzacoalcos, Verazcruzuploaded one daring photo session to her Instagram account in which posed toplessbut covering his body with pink whipped creamwhich caused her fans to be captivated and had different reactions and more than 444 thousand “likes”, which shows that she is very loved by her fans and also by her colleagues in the middle, who took the opportunity to place their good wishes for her. this year.

Yeri Mua turns 21 IG @yerimua

“Happy birthday to me, 21”, he placed next to some emojis of cake, heart and confetti, yeri muawho in the images appears with a cake already bitten on the floor, whiles she is naked covered in supposedly pink whipped cream. The area of ​​the chest, the hips and some parts of the legs and arms are stained with this product, which is why they make very sensual images, which challenge the censorship of the Meta platform, which has very strict rules.

Among the messages are personalities such as the OnlyFans model, Karely Ruiz, La Divaza, Alejandra Treviño, Papi Kunno, Marian Santos, Trixsy Star and Briggitte Bozzo, to mention a few from her long list of social media partners with whom she has a friendship or a good relationship. All of them, along with her followers, wished her a happy birthday and continued success for this new stage of her life.

Meanwhile, in his Instagram stories, yeri mua has revealed that she decided to celebrate her birthday away from her native Veracruz, since the influencer went to the city of Dubaiin the United Arab Emirates, to celebrate this date with some friends, including Kunno, who has also shared some videos with the beauty blogger, who rose to fame due to her beauty and makeup tutorials.

The influencer poses naturally on her IG networks @yerimua

The also called “bratz jarocha“is in one of its best moments, as its popularity continues to grow, proof of this is that on platforms like Instagram it already has 4.2 million followers, while on TikTok it has 5.2 and 3.9 million on Facebook, figures that are increasing every day on the rise


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