Walter Mercado: Astrology horoscopes for today Saturday December 17

Note to readers: Betty B. Mercado, niece and collaborator of the late astrologer Walter Mercado, continues his legacy by writing horoscopes.


(March 20 – April 18th)

You will associate with people who give you peace and tranquility. You will believe in yourself and this will help you overcome the setbacks or problems that life brings you. You will exercise greater discipline and firmness in everything you set your mind to and you will achieve it. In love you will find sweetness, passion and understanding. Lucky numbers: 11, 50, 2.


(April 19 – 19 of May)

Your love life will now be a bit adrift, Taurus. You will try to live many romances, which will not suit you. Go in search of a single partner that satisfies your desires and meets all your demands so that you do not flutter. If you are attached to someone, keep in mind that love triangles do not suit you. Lucky numbers: 48, 31, 25.


(May 20 – 19 of June)

They will prove to you how much they love and respect you. Anything related to public relations could become a good business. Changes arise in your sentimental life that will be for your good and you will see it very soon. Your friends will be your advisors and you will receive all the support and help you need from them. Lucky numbers: 7, 16, 4.


(June 20th – July 21)

It is imperative that you take care of your health with a healthier diet. Stay away from everything harmful and toxic. Keep in mind that the consumption of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes is our greatest poison. Contact with nature and everything that comes from it naturally is and will be the best for your body. Lucky numbers: 32, 16, 5.


(July 22 – August 21)

One of your biggest dreams comes true. Now you have the perseverance and luck to achieve it. You will not lack money because you will have the formula to obtain it easily. You will not give away your work anymore and you will make yourself pay dearly, you are worth it. You will laugh at the tears shed in the past. Lucky numbers: 45, 28, 13.


(August 22nd – Sept. 21)

Any investment you make now will be very profitable. Your work life will be very productive even when you have to face setbacks since there will be nothing you cannot beat. Respect and rectitude will be your greatest values. Your generosity is exalted towards your family and the elderly. Lucky numbers: 10, 5, 20.


(Sept. 22 – Oct 22)

Your social life increases and you will be a magnet for everyone. Your presence will be claimed in different circles and social activities. This will give you the opportunity to meet people who will help you in your profession or business. Investments, buying and selling and all finances in general are well-aspected for you. Lucky numbers: 18, 4, 39.


(Oct 23 – Nov 20)

Think and observe very well with whom you are going to join and everything you do that is under legal accessory so that there are no misunderstandings or losses of an economic nature. Plan everything you want to achieve. Even if you lose by giving, you will gain by serving and helping every unfortunate or needy person. Lucky numbers: 44, 17, 26.


(Nov 21 – Dec 20)

What is related to the media is brilliantly covered. You will now be very active and restless. Order your ideas and put into practice some of your plans. Go back to studying and specialize in what you like to do the most so that you can earn more money and gain more prestige. Lucky numbers: 21, 7, 15.


(Dec 21 – Jan 18)

Thinking big is one of your many good qualities, so every trip, especially abroad, will bring you good luck. Establishing yourself in another country will make your economies increase and you will earn a lot of money. Export and import business will be very fruitful. Lucky numbers: 12, 6, 39.


(Jan 19 – Feb 17)

You bravely confront those who want to take advantage of you or who try to manipulate you. You will be yourself and you will not let anyone humiliate you. In love, Aquarius, you open your eyes to the truth that was previously hidden from you. True love will be by your side. The fictitious and the false you will throw away. Lucky numbers: 9, 1, 33.


(Feb 18 – 19 of March)

The search for the truth, the encounter with yourself, will be what captures your attention. A philosophical change will take place for those of this sign. Any study of metaphysics will be of great help to you. In love you will love without borders, without taboos and without limitations. You will find the balance between the material and the spiritual. Lucky numbers: 24, 18, 20.

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