VIDEOS | Carmen Villalobos dances reggaeton and you will die when you see her hip movement

It is inevitable to get trapped by the smile of Carmen Villalobos. It is enough that his perfect teeth shine in front of you for the next step to be captive of his gaze. It is not for less, with 39 years of age very well lived, the woman from Barranquilla lives up to the well-earned fame of the women from that region captivating ladies, smiling, good-natured and always able to outshine with their dance.

If there is any doubt about that, the maximum exponent of this Colombian region is Shakira, expert in capturing the senses of her millions of fans with her music, singing and hip movement. It is precisely this, the swaying of that part of his anatomy that Carmen Villalobos likes to show off in a bikini on social networks. To make a pair, he chooses some of his favorite songs with reggaeton as the main option and, on many other occasions, he cannot miss vallenato.

Carmen Villalobos, the most sensual dancing

It’s in his blood and he can’t deny it. Carmen Villalobos flows with the cadence of her body and the music fuels this whenever the actress can hear it and sway to the right beat. Sometimes it is to the sound of a good reggaeton and others with vallenato in the middle.

The reality is that she does it alone or accompanied, that is not a problem. She can be seen just waking up with her pajamas on and her pet in her arms as she is engrossed in a intimate hug next to a dance partner. With or without jeans, with or without a dress, whatever to dance and be the happiest woman in the world.

If you have any doubts, be impressed with his way of perrear, something that she does not hesitate to show off and that is surely one of her innate abilities when it comes to conquering with her body.

And then to enjoy in a bikini

just a few hours ago Carmen Villalobos He gave away some postcards worthy of being framed. In these photos she can be seen extremely happy on the beach, sunbathing with a black bikini and the company of her good friend Carito Betancourtwho is also an actress like her.

In this way it is clear that Carmen knows how to take advantage of her time, when she is not dancing, she will be sunbathing on the best beach within her reach.


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