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Authorities verify the steps taken by a representative of the Chamber of the Historical Pact and a well-known television presenter before the National Protection Unit (UNP) in favor of a third party.

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The interest in The management is due to the fact that the person for whom they mediated is the same person who, weeks later, was captured at a police checkpoint in Cauca when he was driving an armored UNP truck with 168 panels of high-purity cocaine.

Manuel Antonio Castañeda, the drug driver who fell with a truck attached to the UNP full of cocaine.

EL TIEMPO established exclusively that it is about Manuel Antonio Castañeda Bernal, a former police officer who was moving along the road that leads from La Plata to Popayán in a Toyota that had been assigned to the security scheme of the former deputy director of protection of the entity, Ronald Rodriguez Rozo.

Around this case, the authorities are investigating a network that It is using UNP trucks to move cocaine from Arauca, Cauca and Santander, taking advantage of the fact that they are not checked. by the public force.

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They are also investigating a network of illegal rental of security schemes intended for threatened leaders or for officials and people at risk.

Castañeda himself revealed a month ago to the director of the UNP, Augusto Rodríguez, that he had been paying 7 million pesos a month for these kinds of schemes.

‘He introduced himself as a businessman’

Manuel Antonio Castañeda Bernal, was decorated by a Police general, now in retirement.

According to a journalistic investigation by EL TIEMPO, on the Internet A former high-ranking official of the Prosecutor’s Office and a high-ranking Police officer would be involved.

This newspaper investigated and established that The congressman who mediated before the UNP for the security of Castañeda is Agmeth Escaf, an actor who jumped into politics last year heading the closed list of the Historical Pact to the Chamber in Atlantic.

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EL TIEMPO established that Escaf communicated two months ago with the UNP to discuss issues related to their security and commented that they knew there was a victim of threats who needed to strengthen their protection, without giving names.

At that time, as confirmed to this newspaper by the director of the UNP, Augusto Rodríguez, Manuel Antonio Castañeda had been authorized (by resolution) a bulletproof vest and a panic button.

As Castañeda had recounted, he was an entrepreneur of artists and had been the victim of a robbery of 1,920 million pesos from a popular music show, when he was traveling through one of the sanadresitos in Bogotá. And they had even tried to kill him.

EL TIEMPO has evidence that, after congressman Escaf’s comment, who ended up calling the UNP and giving the name of the victim who needed security reinforcement was the renowned television presenter Carlos Calero.

‘I didn’t know who it was’


Social networks of the representatives

TIME contacted both Escaf like Calero to find out why they did that management.

Congressman Escaf assured this newspaper that, On October 24, Carlos Calero wrote him a message asking him to help him with a UNP contact, because he needed to help a friend.

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Carlos asks me for that favor and I put him in touch with Luis Eduardo Saavedra, who is an adviser to the director of the UNP, Augusto Rodríguez.”, assured the representative to the Chamber, who added that he never asked Calero who the favor was for.

And he added: “I called the UNP about some of my issues in my scheme, about some things that I was missing. Then I told Luis Saavedra, who is Augusto Rodríguez’s adviser: ‘Look, do me a favor, Carlos Calero, my fellow presenter, needs a favor. Can I give you your phone number and can you help me with the matter?

According to the congressman of the Historical Pact, he did not know who the favor was for: “I do not know that person. I don’t know his name. I helped Carlos because he’s a lifelong friend of mine, but I didn’t know who the favor was for. I only put Carlos in touch with Luis Saavedra for him to help him and that’s where it all ended.”

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Congressman Escaf states that the only thing he knew about the case is that Calero’s acquaintance had put some papers in the UNP a while ago and it needs to stay at 56 (points for protection).

“Surely Carlos does not know that the boss is committing crimes either,” the representative explained to the Chamber.

Calero’s answer

Carlos Calero, TV presenter.


Instagram: @carlosacalero

For his part, Calero assured that he met Castañeda 8 months ago because his partner introduced him, with whom the presenter manages an urban music artist.

According to Calero, Castañeda presented himself as a businessman who was interested in investing money in his artist.but the deal never materialized.

I do not have and have not had any employment relationship with Mr. Castañeda, he never gave me money for my artistI was unaware that he had problems with the law, I found out from the capture that I saw on the news,” said the presenter in dialogue with this newspaper.

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And about the contact he had with the UNP he said: “I called a couple of months ago because he asked me to, he asked me if I had a contact at the entity. He told me that he needed protection for something, and I called Agmeth Escafwho is a good friend and colleague to see if he knew someone in the Unit that I could call, but Agmeth did not call.

And he added that he did contact the UNP. “I contacted a UNP office, I don’t remember which one. What I did was request an appointment for Mr. Castañedaand they took care of him there, but I did not ask for protection for him.”

The authorities investigate in the UNP a network that illegally rents security schemes and that uses armored trucks to move cocaine and marijuana.

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