the surprising physical change of Piqué’s new girlfriend (and the reasons why it caused controversy on social networks)

During the last days, Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía Martí have been in the eye of the hurricane due to the rumors about their alleged separation due to the presence of Shakira in the life of the former soccer player.

Despite the controversy generated, This information was denied after both starred in a trip as a couple to Prague, in which they were photographed walking through the streets of this city.

However, heto Piqué’s romantic getaway and Clara Chia Marti brought with it new controversies and rumors about the 23-year-oldwith whom the former FC Barcelona player would have cheated on Shakira.

The new photographs of the couple caused several users on social networks criticize the appearance of Clara Chía Martí and accuse her of having “a new face”.

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According to these netizens, Piqué’s new girlfriend showed a radical physical change in her most recent trip that does not coincide with the look with which she was seen in her first public appearance.

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The alleged “new face” of Clara Chía Martí also gave rise to several theories about her appearance, which range from aesthetic operations to the excessive use of makeup.

The same way, Another present theory is that this physical change, which could include various surgeriesis the reason why Gerard Piqué would be going through financial problems, since the former footballer would have spent a large amount of money on his current girlfriend.

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Despite this, another group of users on social networks denied the aesthetic operations of Clara Chía Martí by assuring that these photographs were taken with filters, so the “new face” of the young woman would be a farce.

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