The physical transformation of Miguel Varoni after going through the operating room

MEXICO CITY, December 16 (EL UNIVERSAL).- Miguel Varoni knew how to conquer us all with his character for “Pedro El Escamoso.” However, little remains of what we knew of him. For some time now, the actor has been undergoing a series of touch-ups to achieve “a more youthful appearance.” His wife, Catherine Siachoque, has shown her happiness with the transformation he has achieved.

For some time, Miguel Varoni had been working on an “extreme change”. According to his surgeon Alan González, the actor was quite “old” after having presented a “significant weight loss” that had nothing to do with a diet. The loss was attributed to a sequel after contracting coronavirus.

The doctor who saw the protagonist of “Pedro El Escamoso” explained that “his aging process accelerated a lot because when he lost facial volume, the structure that gives some support to the face is not only the bones and the muscle is also the fat that is under the skin, and as its volume decreases, it also begins to become very flaccid”.

Miguel Varoni’s wife confessed that “before, when [él] he was overweight, his knees ached, his feet were swollen, he was not well. And now that he’s a skinny man, everything works fine for him; but not only that, with the surgeries he underwent he became super young! He is divine! And that supposedly he and Alan González, his surgeon, have to do a couple of things, ‘adjustments’, so I don’t know, I’m going to look like his mother.”

“I am very envious, I can’t with her skinnyness, with her thinness, which also shows her all day in front of me and bothers me and then she does ‘horses’ and takes off my clothes and puts them on ‘oh, I I was wrong!'”, added the wife of Miguel Varoni, very amused but proud of the physical transformation and health improvements that the actor has achieved.

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