The offer that Cruz Azul sent to Luis Suárez to convince him to play in Liga MX

Luis Suárez already received an offer from Cruz Azul (REUTERS/Albert Gea)
Luis Suárez already received an offer from Cruz Azul (REUTERS/Albert Gea)

The Mexican soccer transfer market has in the center of the reflectors the probable arrival of Luis SuarezWorld Cup striker, to the team of Blue Cross. So far, the club has not confirmed or rejected the rumor, but various sources assure the interest of the Mexican team and, even, the content of the offer that would have been sent to add it to Mexican soccer.

The dissemination of the news by the Uruguayan journalist Federico Buysan was joined by César Luis Merlo, who through his social networks released updates on the case. On his account, he affirmed that the board of La Noria He would have already let Suárez know the content of his possible contract, so they are waiting for an answer.

“Cruz Azul launched an offer for Luis Suárez and wants him for two years”, he wrote on his verified profile @CLMerlo. In this sense, his possible stay would be ensured by the following four short tournaments, that is, the Clausura 2023, starting in the first week of January, followed by the Apertura 2023, as well as both contests scheduled for the football year 2024.

It is worth mentioning that the offer was not sent to him through a representative, but rather Luis Suarez received it directly. In this regard, the decision It will depend totally on the Uruguayan striker and his family. In the same way, one of the advantages for Cruz Azul is the free agency status in which the gunner will find himself from January 1 of next year, which is why they will not have to pay any amount of money.

The player has not released his response. However, the offer could take various directions in order to incorporate it into Mexican soccer. In the worst case scenario, Suárez would reject the offer. In his absence, he could start a series of talks to negotiate his salary or even accept the offer that he received in mid-December.

After the end of its contractual relationship with the Atletico Madrid, Luis Suárez looked for a team to join for the Qatar 2022 World Cup to stay in shape. The offer that convinced him was that of Uruguayan Nationalwhere he took his first steps in the first division and to which he returned after a 15-year adventure on the European continent.

Luis Suárez was eliminated from the Qatar World Cup with Uruguay (REUTERS / John Sibley)
Luis Suárez was eliminated from the Qatar World Cup with Uruguay (REUTERS / John Sibley)

In this way, the most recent semester of his career was spent in his native country, where he was able to play 16 games between the First Division tournament, as well as the Copa Sudamericana where it failed to transcend beyond a couple of games. His scoring quota was eight pointsall of them in the domestic tournament, although he also earned a couple of reprimands.

Suárez fulfilled his goal of staying on the radar of the Uruguayan national team and traveled to Qatar to play in the World Cup. However, his passing was fleeting after his team finished in third place in their sector, behind Portugal and South Korea, which is why they failed to play the round of 16 phase.

In addition to Nacional from Uruguay and the absolute team of his country throughout four World Cups, Luis Suárez has defended the shirt of clubs such as FC Groningen and other world-class ones such as ajax from Amsterdam, Liverpool FC, FC Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid. In the same way, in his palmares there are individual recognitions as well as trophies of the league, cup, Champions League, European Super Cup and even a Club World Cup.


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