the moving letter written by Lionel Messi’s first teacher

Argentina national team fans They continue to celebrate as their team is in the final of the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

Whether in Qatar or in the surroundings of the South American country, the emotion of the Albiceleste population has been felt in all parts of the world, mainly for the displays of affection they have made towards their team and that have gone viral on social media.

One of these gestures that quickly caught the attention of Internet users was a letter that a lady wrote to Lionel Messi. But what softened the situation was that Mrs. it was the first teacher that the Argentine had when he was a child.

His name is Monica Dominaand claims that She was Lionel Messi’s teacher at the General Las Heras school in Rosariofrom first to third grade.

Domina gave her statements to the Super Deportivo Radio program on Radio Villa Trinidad and safe who is proud to see how his student got so far.

He also added that the neighborhood where Lionel Messi grew up is currently “dressed in light blue and white”due to the euphoria that the Argentine has reached the World Cup final, in addition to tying with Mbappé as the tournament’s top scorer.

“The truth is that I really wanted to see it. Said, ‘I’m going to write you a little letter and I hope it reaches you’. I want to see him, because I’m not very well, they do heart studies and before I die I want to hug him, “Domina said on the radio program.


Hello Messi. Thank God for being your teacher. And thanks to you for being my student. Thank you for being as you are. Never change. You are a wonderful, sensitive, simple, simple, companion. Thank you for letting me feel this pride of being part of your life.. Sorry for my demands.

Thank you for giving us extreme happiness in these times of so many setbacks., because you knew how to take your group to the place where it is. Seeing you happy is my happiness. I like that you can express your feelings. Thank you for your glory.

I would love to hug you to wake up from this dream that I was your teacher, of pure honor. They already made us happy, to keep accelerating until the end. Good luck.

We love you.

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