“The eyes say it all, his gaze was lost”: Chyno Miranda reappears with a Venezuelan influencer with a new haircut, modern clothing and that’s how fans speak | People | Entertainment

Chyno Miranda reappeared on social networks in a photo in which his appearance reflects the progress of his medical treatment. The Venezuelan singer is admitted to the El Cedral clinic and a month after his arrival there, his condition was learned through a photograph next to the influencer that led to his departure from the “Tía Panchita” Rehabilitation Center ”.

The interpreter of “Quédate Conmigo” continues to receive his medical treatment to recover from his drug addiction, which led him to start a new stage in his days at the clinic where he was taken by his girlfriend Astrid Torrealba, after a court Venezuelan ordered his release from the center where he was admitted by his family.

With a new photograph, the artist who for more than a decade triumphed in the duo Chyno&Nacho was known again.

This is what Chyno Miranda looks like in the new photograph one month after his confinement in El Cedral

From his Instagram account, the so-called “Guru” of the networks, Irrael Gómez surprised his followers by sharing the photo with Chyno Miranda, the last image of the singer.

The fans of the Venezuelan artist were already wondering about his health, after not knowing more information and after his mother, Alcira Pérez, assured that she would go to the Venezuelan justice to request that she be given the power to make decisions about the well-being of her child.

And it was the influencer who promoted the departure of the center “Tïa Panchita”, who offered an image that gives serious signs of how Chyno Miranda is. With a better face, and a new haircut, the singer was seen to silence the gossip and appease a little the mystery surrounding his medical treatment.

Although he wore clothes like the ones he used to wear in the past, for some of the netizens, Chyno’s look continues to reveal the critical health situation he lives due to peripheral neuropathy and later his addictions.

“The eyes say it all, I don’t understand why they are happy, poor Chyno”, “his gaze was lost”, wrote the netizens.

Irrael Gómez published the photo in his feed and also in his stories, a space where he added a puzzle piece and a clock, causing speculation among his followers, who began to comment on the situation the singer is experiencing.

Undoubtedly, Chyno’s departure from the El Cedral clinic was due to a meeting with Irrael, who surely conducted an interview with him that will soon come to light.

More than 5 thousand comments generated the publication, with messages that were divided on the opinion of the situation of Chyno Miranda. For some it was a sign that the artist is already improving, while for others it is about continuing to create controversy with the health of Natasha Araos’s ex, asking that he be left alone so that her recovery lives in family privacy.

“What date is that photo? If it is recent, waooo Chyno’s change is surprising, thank God they managed to take it away from the mother and cousin in time”, “Chyno looks better than days ago”, were some of the messages.

Good wishes for a speedy recovery was the vibe that prevailed in each of the words sent by the interpreter’s fans. (AND)

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