The day that Silvia Pinal CRIED inconsolably when remembering the DEATH of her daughter Viridiana Alatriste

Despite Silvia Pinal She is one of the most successful celebrities on Mexican television, she is also a mother who has cared and watched over her daughters. That is why many remembered the day in which the actress I cry disconsolately live at to remember the death from his daughter Viridiana Alatriste At age 19.

It was through an interview conducted by Televisa, where Andrea Legarreta decided to delve into that difficult passage in the life of Silvia Pinal, Well, in addition to having Alejandra Guzmán, Sylvia Pasquel and Luis Enrique Guzmán, the “great lady” also had a little girl named Viridiana Alatriste who unfortunately died at the age of 19, as a result of a car accident when he fell down a ravine in Mexico City.

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