The daughter of “Canelo” Álvarez exudes elegance with a golden strappy dress

The eldest daughter of Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, Emily Cinnamon, It is gaining more and more relevance in the networks, especially when it shows modern outfits that serve as inspiration for girls of its age, as it did this Saturday, when it shared in its account of instagram a couple of photos wearing a golden strappy dresswith whichue wasted elegance and proved that the young ladies they can also feel glamorous without wearing clothes that make them look older.

Emily Cinnamon She is not very active in her official accounts, since she does not usually share many images of her. However, sometimes he uploads photos of his riding competitions where he has already begun to stand out by winning some. That’s why when he shares posts of his looks, he immediately steals the attention of his more than 758,000 followers, who are always on the lookout for the designs he boasts since they are surely very luxurious and on-trend.

Emily Cinnamon, daughter of Canelo, boasts a glamorous dress for young women

The daughter of the Mexican boxer He shared a couple of images on the Meta platform in which he boasts a golden dress that stands out for having a scoop neckline. half heart and with some suspenders. The fabric is very shiny, so we are sure that you will steal looks with this piece that is perfect for going to an event at night. The garment made her look glamorous and sophisticated, becoming an example of style for young women who do not exceed 20 years just like her.

“Tthis dress (This dress) @stefimoralesmakeup @danielperezmexico”, Emily placed in the description, which revealed that the garment is from the designer Daniel Perez, while makeup was in charge of Stefi Moraleswho was the person in charge of fixing it for his XV-year party, which gave a lot to talk about due to the controversies with his father, who was said to have had a fight with Eduin Caz, from Grupo Firme, whom he supposedly ran from his House.

As expected, comments from her friends and followers rained down on her, who put words like “Pretty”, “Beautiful” and “How beautiful”, but the message that caught the most attention was that of her father, Canelo Alvarezwhich despite the fact that he only left him an emoji of a face with heart eyes, showed him his love, likewise, his mother, Karen Beltran wrote “Dioooos Top, top top”, which means that yes he really liked the look.

Emily Cinnamon She is very popular on social networks for being the daughter of Saul Alvarez, who is one of the most important boxers in our country and internationally. However, little by little he is earning a place on digital platforms as a rfashionable efferent for young women, since it presents some trends, the most innovative and of course, luxurious garments that make it stand out among the influencers who know haute couture.


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