“Sunday no matter what”

A user shared  a

A user shared a “trailer” of the final between Argentina and France and it became a rage – Credits: @Capture

In the last few hours, a video edited by a user and which take the audio of a movie to beat the final of the 2022 World Cup that they will dispute Argentina and France in Qatar. As if the party were a film, the “trailer” reviews everything that the Argentine team experienced During the last years.

The defining match of the World Cup It will be played in hours and the expectation is great throughout the world of football and particularly in Argentina. After the final lost in Brazil 2014 and the obtaining the Copa América 2021 that ended a decades-long drought, there is an illusion to win the competition in what could be the last World Cup Lionel Messi.

In this context, social networks witness all the comments and promises made by fans in case they win the World Cup. Some choose to go further and put their creative skills to generate motivational videos.

This was the case for Kito Cappelliniwhich through his Twitter account made a trailer of the match, as if the meeting were a movie. For this, she used an audio of end gamethe movie of the universe Avengers which premiered in 2019.

with the dialogues of Hombre de Hierrointerpreted by Robert Downey Jr. in the film, the images review different moments of the Argentine national team in recent yearswhich focus both on the collective and on the individual cases of some footballers who were part of the Albiceleste squad.

The images have subtitles placed by the user. Although in general terms the translation respects the original spirit of the message, some creative licenses were taken to further relate the lines of dialogue with the final between Argentina and France. An example of this is the phrase “Sunday no matter what”which is not an exact translation, but which contributes to the atmosphere of emotion and illusion that the video proposes.

The images begin with the story of Messi, going through his first steps in Rosario to the changes that occurred in the world of football in the years that elapsed since his debut in Barcelona. Also the video below relive the goal and the consecration of angel di maria in the 2021 Copa América against Brazil, after injuries in previous finals.

The review also includes Diego Armando Maradona and Alejandro Sabellawho was very close to being world champion in 2014. In the memory of that World Cup, Gonzalo “Pipita” Higuaín is also remembered and the chance lost in the final against Germany.

The trailer continues with the footballers who were part of the Lionel Scaloni squad and that they could not be in this World Cup. The images of Sergio “Kun” AgueroNicolás González and Giovani Lo Celso precede goals scored by the Argentina on the Qatar World Cup and give rise to emotion. “Sunday no matter what”closes the video of @KitoKP along with the heroic music of the film and the presentation of the match between Argentina and France.


The impressive shout from all of Buenos Aires with Argentina’s first goal; heard in china

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