Summary of the match Chivas vs Mazatlán (1-0). GOALSHalftime

Chivas found the goal and the victory in their debut in the Cup for Mexicoby beating Mazatlán FC 1-0 at the Jalisco Stadium, thanks to the score of his jewel, Luis Fernando Puente, who changed the face of the team with his entry.

It was the fourth preseason win for the team led by Veljko Paunovic, who had a hard time beating the Cañoneros, on a night of ups and downs, and a lousy entry in Jalisco with just over 5,000 spectators.

In their fifth friendly Guadalajara tried, but it seems that the squad is shortsince neither Alexis Vega nor Roberto Alvarado were available.

Guadalajara looked better in the second half, when homegrown players Zahid Muñoz and Luis Fernando Puente were on the field, and the latter scored the goal in the last minute of play.

Chivas had sparks, and they started not so early, because at minute 17, Fernando Beltrán was the one who wanted to spice up the match and tried with a powerful right-footed shot that he took after settling the ball with a little hat. The ball went over the goal of Daniel Gutiérrez.

Those from the Perla del Pacífico tried to respond and David Colman hit the ball at 21′, which was rejected by the Chivas defense.

Chivas followed and at 28′, Alan Mozo recovered the ball, put it into the area, where Carlos Cisneros headed on one side and at 39′, Cristian Calderón took a free kick that went over the top.

Before the break, the Cañoneros got closer when at 41′, Brian Rubio put in a sock without danger.

Was it by hand?

There were changes at half time and the complement looked better. At 51′, Brian Colula finished off with a header from one side inside the area, at the beginning of what was the most brilliant of the match.

Ángel Zaldívar tried a great goal at 56′ with a little hat with which he tried to surprise Nicolás Vikonis, but the Uruguayan, recently admitted, deflected him to a corner kick.

Mazatlán searched and at 58′, Édgar Yoel Barcenas shot with power and placement, which, thanks to a rojiblanco deflection, went to one side.

At 63′, a great soccer play by Chivas that Isaac Brizuela started on the right side, the ball was left to Luis Fernando Puente, who made a screen and Zahid Muñoz finished off with a heel; To the bad luck of the rojiblanco squad player, the ball was kicked off the line by Vikonis.

Already in the final part, Eduardo Torres almost scored for Chivas with a good header that went past Vikonis’s goal; It was a very good shot that really went inches from the goal.

It was at 91′ when Chivas found the victory, when Puente deflected a shot from outside the area by Isaac Brizuela, and the ball struck Vikonis’s goal. At first the score was invalidated by the referee, but after seconds he considered it good.

Chivas didn’t like it, but they won, which is what counts.

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