Scarlet novel! The Leones del Escogido put Vladimir Guerrero Jr in check

They tell the Irreverent that Vladimir Guerrero Jr has been a Liceysta since he was little.

His father uniformed five times in the Dominican league, three times with the Estrellas Orientales and twice with the Tigres del Licey. However, the memory of his son, Vladimir Guerrero Jr, only treasures his father’s participation with the Tigers in the 2012 season.

For Vladdy Junior it has never been difficult to represent the colors of a team contrary to his childhood team. He is a professional. He has never refused to play when he could and has never tried to force a trade to the blue team.

In the 2023 season the world classic will be played and Vladimir Guerrero Jr seemed to find the perfect situation to play with the team of his dreams. With the scarlet team destined to stay out of the Round Robin, the big leaguer planned to play the last games of the regular season with the Chosen One and thus make himself available for the native and imported draft where he would be chosen with the first pick by the Tigres del Licey .

However, the red directive will not allow it. The press of the Chosen Baseball Club had reported that the first baseman would debut on Thursday against the Gigantes del Cibao. However, at the time of giving the information, the Lions were still connected to a respirator, but, after Wednesday’s game, they were officially disqualified.

Given the elimination, the board of directors made the decision not to put Vladimir Guerrero Jr on the roster of the day and does not plan to do so. They are closing the doors to his preparation plan for the world classic, despite the professionalism that Vladdy Jr has always had towards the team.

It is not the treatment it deserves.

According to Enrique Rojas, Jose Miguel Bonetti is willing to listen to offers for the player and points to the name of Juan Soto as the main option to receive via exchange. Licey will not change Soto. In any case, the exchange market closed on day #40.

Vladimir thundered on social networks and left this message on Instagram reacting to the unfair decision of the Leones del Escogido before their desire to play LIDOM.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr has always shown himself to be a professional. He was going to be available at this stage even if the Chosen One had qualified. Although he had not had the opportunity to play with Licey, although his initial permit is only 4 games, its extension was almost a given.

From the writing of the irreverent, we hope that FENAPEPRO will rule on the unfair decision of not allowing the player to play LIDOM this season.

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