San Marcos: more than 4,400 applicants take an admission exam for 55 vacancies in medicine and other careers

Candidates have a list of prohibited items to bring to the exam.
Candidates have a list of prohibited items to bring to the exam.

On December 10, the admission exam process began for the National University of San Marcos (UNMSM); however, the process will continue on November 11 for the human medicine career, where thousands of applicants compete for few places.

Last Saturday the “Dean of America” received 4,784 applicants for the various careers offered by one of the oldest study houses on the continent. For this Sunday the number of applicants for university students from San Marcos is 4,488.

The evaluation that will be given this Sunday has a different process, since it will be aimed at one of the careers with the greatest demand at the renowned university.

Applicants had to leave garments to enter.
Applicants had to leave garments to enter.

Only 55 places have been enabled for the human medicine career; however, there are 4,488 who yearn to be part of the admitted list.

There were several and among them were faculties Health Sciences, Basic Sciences, among others. Some of the careers for which young people took the first UNMSM exam are: food science, veterinary science, nursing, pharmacy and biochemistry, nutrition, obstetrics, psychology, medical technology, and more.

The application exam was scheduled for October 23 of this year, but the existence of a mafia that had breached the university’s security system was discovered.

With this, the rector of the UNMSM, Jerí Ramón, stated that the evaluation was suspended and the content would be annulled, and that no one would lose their right to take the exam.

The police investigations made it possible to capture three applicants who, without any fear, entered high-tech cellular equipment that served them to filter the questions and receive answers from unscrupulous people.

It is mandatory to attend with the applicant's card.
It is mandatory to attend with the applicant’s card.

in the known san marcos university The tests have been carried out in the open field because the presence of the COVID-19.

These places are: the esplanade of the university stadium, the esplanade of the rectory, the esplanade of dentistry, the esplanade of the system and the esplanade of chemistry.

On the outskirts of the university, the guides of the applicants were found, who collaborated by reviewing the correct documents, but when doing the respective review they found that several of the young people had objects that were not allowed. They were immediately asked to items prohibited from entering are removed, which were communicated in advance. Apparently, many of the students did not know what they should not wear.


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