Responsible for the failure of the Tri in Qatar 2022 becomes a molera league coach

Responsible for the failure of the Tri
Responsible for the failure of the Tri

The Mexican National Team went on a trip to Qatar 2022, they were eliminated in the group stage after only achieving a victory in a failure that had been announced since previous years, but that nobody worked on it to avoid it.

The main one pointed out, like every four years, is the team’s coach, but if an analysis is made from the root, Tri fans could see that the contamination comes from managers, television stations and players who do not finish giving everything in a World Cup.

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It won’t take long for the Mexican Football Federation to find a topic with which to divert attention, or perhaps they are just waiting for the Mexican to forget that what happened in Qatar 2022 was one of the biggest failures in the history of the sport of our country.

The elimination of the Mexican representative for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games and the failures in the tournaments that were held, including the Concacaf tie, showed that Mexican soccer players did not have the necessary level to compete in this World Cup and one of those responsible with his pockets full of money he now has a new job.

Who is responsible for the failure that now has another job?

This is Gerardo Torrado, who was the sports director of the FMF, now he will lead a team in the Kings League with Pio FC, leaving behind being one of those responsible for overlapping the hiring of Martino and giving him a multimillion-dollar contract, the so-called of players only for interest and to cover scandals within the Mexican National Team.

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