More internships for the first UA Medicine students

The first students of Medicine at the University of Alicantescheduled for the next academic year 2023-24, which is when the Rectorate intends to implement the degree that already has all official approvalboth regional and state, despite the decision of the neighboring Miguel Hernández University of Elche, which has already led the creation of the courts with the intention of preventing it.

From the Rectorate of the UA they continue with the Expected rate of launching the Medicine careerand recover it after the segregation of the studies to create the UMHand continues to sign agreements with hospital centers to ensure internships for future students.

Signature of the agreement INFORMATION

This Wednesday the rector of the UA, Amparo Navarro, and the CEO of the IMED group, Ángel Gómez Navarrohave signed an agreement along these lines so that both the Medicine students Like the rest of the studies related to the Health Sciences on the San Vicente campus, can carry out the corresponding internships in the hospitals of the aforementioned medical group.


The agreement contemplates agreements both in terms of teaching and assistance and research. Specifically, it includes the completion of clinical and health curricular practices for undergraduate and master’s degrees in Medicine, Nursing, Human Nutrition and Dietetics and Optics, Optometry and Speech Therapyas well as in master’s degrees also in Emergencies and Catastrophes, Active Aging and Health, and Nutrition and Food all of them taught by the UA.

Collaboration in the teaching field is established in the clinical and health training for undergraduate studies, and in the case of master’s and doctoral studies, it extends to the field of research methodology and technique.

In this case, it is specified in the training on the study program, theoretical training and the realization of practical credits by the students of the University of Alicante through internships carried out in health facilities of the IMED Hospitales group.

Members of the UA and IMED hospitals in the rectory office INFORMATION

The agreement also includes the promotion of the creation of lines of research in Health Sciences from other specific collaboration agreements, as well as cooperation so that university research and teaching can be used in the constant improvement of health care and in promoting the creation of lines of research in Health Sciences.


The rector, Amparo Navarrohighlights that “with this new collaboration agreement, IMED Hospitales joins the training project in the field of Health Sciences of the University of Alicante, which has a very solid base, both in terms of studies of degree and postgraduate refers, as to the external collaboration to carry out internships for students and to promote research“.

For his part, angel gomez values ​​that “the Private hospitals not only have to demand more professionals, we also have to contribute to their training and this is the best example of it. An agreement that benefits the whole of society since it is not only limited to the training of health professionals, but also has an impact on continuous training and on both medical and healthcare research”.

the signature

The act of signing this agreement was also attended by the UA, the general deputy secretary, joseph ochoathe vice dean of the Nursing degree, Eva Maria Gabaldonand the Vice Chancellor of Studies, Francisco Torresand for the IMED group, the Hospital Manager, Gerson MoralesY Montserrat Planellescorporate director of human resources.

Added to this agreement are those recently signed by the University in November and early December with the Vithas hospitals and the also Hospital del Vinalopó with the same purpose, which broadens the panorama of internships for Medicine students that the UA hopes to launch next year.

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