Mets starting duo is better than Yankees in NY

After the signing of Justin Verlander in the metsthings in the Big Apple were tilting in favor of the Metropolitans in terms of the starting pitchingwho also acquired international free agent Kodai Senga to thus make a highly respected 1-2-3.

This Thursday, the yankees They were not left behind and made an official agreement for six years and 162 million dollars with the left-handed Carlos Rodon. The big question now New York is: which of the two teams has the best starting duo, Yankees or Mets?

  1. Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander (Mets): With Verlander in the rotation, the Mets still have the best pair of aces in baseball in 2023. Scherzer and Verlander have six Cy Young Awards between them. Yes, Verlander is 39 and Scherzer is 38, but they are still two of the most dominant pitchers in baseball. Verlander just won his third Cy Young Award, going 18-4 with a major league-best 1.75 ERA and 185 strikeouts for the Astros in 2022. Scherzer was 11-5 with a 2.29 ERA and 173 strikeouts for the Mets. Now the two former Tigers rotation partners are reunited in New York.
  2. Gerrit Cole and Carlos Rodon (Yankees): The Yankees are vying with the Mets for the No. 1 spot on the list. And with Cole (32) and Rodon (30) both much younger than Verlander and Scherzer, it’s easy to see the Yankees’ new duo end up as the best in New York — and in the big leagues. The Yankees already had one of the best starting pitching tandems in the league when it was Cole and Nasty Nestor Cortes. Now that it’s lefty power-throwing Rodon, who has a 2.67 ERA and 12.2 K/9 over the past two seasons, that 1-2 hit is even better. Cole had an MLB-best 257 strikeouts last season; Rodón ranked third with 237. There are 494 K between them.

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