Melenie Carmona and the injustice of being compared to Alicia Villarreal (even if she is her daughter)

Alicia Villareal and her daughter Melenie Carmona sang together in the second edition of the Nortex festival that brings together the most outstanding artists of Tejano and Norte music in Monterrey, Nuevo León.  (Photo vía El Universal)

Alicia Villareal and her daughter Melenie Carmona sang together in the second edition of the Nortex festival that brings together the most outstanding artists of Tejano and norteño music in Monterrey, Nuevo León. (Photo via El Universal)

He dared and succeeded, perhaps not with the best results, but Melenie Carmona Now you can add to your life the experience of singing in front of an audience that adores his mother, the singer Alicia Villarreal.

Melenie, eldest daughter of the spoiled Güerita and ex-soccer player Arturo Carmona, made her debut accompanied by her mother in the second edition of the Nortex festival that brings together the most outstanding artists of Tejano and norteño music in Monterrey, Nuevo León.

With a full house at Parque Fundidora, Villarreal headlined the festival and with his classics ‘Ladrón’, ‘Ay, papacito’, ‘Sentimientos’, ‘La jefa’ made the attendees dance and sing their hits. But the golden brooch was missing, one that would ecstatic his fans and give them something to talk about. And boy did he make it.

Towards the end of the presentation, the Head of the grupero genre stepped aside so that from a swivel chair (with spikes that resembled the iron throne of game of Thrones), Melenie appeared amid applause, fireworks and screams from the audience. the too influencers reciprocated with a happy greeting, ready to interpret one of his mother’s classics when he was part of Grupo Límite“You take advantage”.

The choice of song has great significance in Alicia’s career.

Grupo Límite had a successful debut in 1995 with the album for pure love from which “Te aprovechas” emerged, one of the singles with which he immediately became popular with the public due to the combination of his catchy melodies, the particular style of the singer and because it was a novelty to have a female voice in a genre, the grupero, mostly dominated by men.

So, who better than the Villarreal heiress to sing this classic. But many were disappointed with her interpretation.

Following in his mother’s footsteps

Melenie Carmona Villarreal is 23 years old, studies Music Production and Marketing and it was in 2022 that she announced that she was preparing her debut as a singer. Her mother also announced that she, like hers, two other children of hers (Cruz Ángelo, 17; Félix Estefano, 15) have been preparing for years with piano lessons and exploring her lyrical stage, according to a profile of Chic Magazine. Part of Melenie’s preparation included composing a theme for the former judge’s upcoming material. The Kids Academy.

Accustomed to seeing personal development and that of other potential artists, Villarreal understood that it was time for her offspring to demonstrate her talent. It is not an assumption, Melenie herself shared it on her Instagram account. “Thank you mother for giving me this strength and security despite the fact that it took me years to finally encourage me to get on stage, thank you for never pushing me and for always giving priority to what I felt was right at the time. Thank you for sharing this moment why with me you and I know that because of my stage fright I have lost many opportunities And you made me feel so safe and calm.”

But despite her mother’s shelter, her inexperience and nervousness were evident: at times her steps seemed uncoordinated (or are we so used to Alicia’s dance?), her voice trembled (as in her first words when greeting the public from Nortex) and the vocal range was short at times.

Fans of the interpreter of “The mare was big for you” made the same observations and several of them were sympathetic to the young woman. “She lacks her confidence in herself and from there she will be unstoppable”; She “it was clear in her voice that she was nervous, but she is definitely going to be successful,” some comments on YouTube read.

The influencers He has agreed with them in saying that this was not his best presentationand he doesn’t even consider it his debut, just a taste of adrenaline to see if he wants to make a career in this medium.

“I was super nervous, I swear I’m obviously working to improve. I can’t explain how nervous I was. Minutes before I sat in the chair, because those who saw the videos (know) that I was sitting in a chair and then I They turned like my mom at first, I was shaking so bad, I closed my eyes and started praying,” she said on her Instagram account. “Halfway through the song I couldn’t even breathe from how dry my mouth was. It was a bombshell of emotions, I don’t even shy away from what I said.”

He also left a message to all those who expected him to sing exactly Alicia Villarreal (the fact that they have an almost identical physical resemblance is not an obligation).

For the people who are saying that I still have a long way to go and that my voice doesn’t compare to my mom’s and all that, of course not, we are two different people. My mom is a legend, she has years of career, this is easy for her, but not for me, I have stage fright and of course I have a long way to go, but little by little I’m going to improve, be patient with me.

On your terms and in your style, you’ll get it done.


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