Meghan and Harry chose a stranger to be the best man Lilibet Diana

When the letter of Meghan Markle her father was leaked to the media, several Hollywood characters identified with her, one of them even became a great ally for the Dukes of Sussex and also in the godfather of Lilibet Diana.

Who is the godfather of Lilibet Diana?

After his departure from the monarchy, Meghan Markle asked for help from Tyler Perry, a Hollywood film director, who did not know the Dukes of Sussexbut that he had liked her a lot because of her family history.

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex with their children
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex with their children. Photo: Instagram

Tyler Perry offered his house to the Dukes of Sussex after his departure from the crown

“It would have been very painful to have been mine,” Perry said. “When my life changed and I started to be successful, some family members changed their ways and that can be painful. I immediately empathized with her and shortly before the wedding I sent him a note so he would know that life had prepared him for that moment, or so I thought,” he said.

That is how Tyler lent them a valuable mansion in Beverly Hills so that they could protect themselves from the paparazzi and the harassment of the media, who had found their home in Canada.

meghan and harry
Megan and Harry. Photo: File

From being unknown to being part of the family of the Dukes of Sussex

The couple spent about a year living in the mansion of Tyler Perry, since it was not easy for them to achieve their economic independence. So their help and hospitality at that time was extremely valuable to them.

For what they wanted to honor and seal their friendship, making him the godfather of their second daughter, Lilibet Diana, as revealed in the second part of the couple’s Netflix documentary. And although they did not know each other in person, today they are great friends and form a great alliance.

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