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The siege of the Damascus government’s Fourth Division continues against the districts of Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafieh. As a result of the siege, the suffering of the people of the two neighborhoods in general, and of the sick in particular, increases. The siege prevents the entry of medicines into the area, affecting the lives of patients.

The Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafieh neighborhoods are suffering the health consequences of the siege. Because the two neighborhoods are experiencing shortages of baby food, blood pressure, diabetes, heart medicine, and antibiotics.

Our agency has followed the suffering of many heart patients and diabetics who struggle to find or buy their medications.

they damage our lives

A citizen named Zainab Hanan, who lives in the eastern part of the Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood in the city of Aleppo, complained about the practices of the Fourth Division: “In addition to depriving us of heating oil, they also prevent the passage of medicines.”

“Due to the increase in diseases in children and adults during the winter season, the demand for the drug has also increased. We cannot find some medicines in pharmacies, they play with our lives”.

“All peoples, including Arabs, Kurds and Circassians, live in two neighborhoods. We are all one people and we are the children of Syria.”

Pharmaceutical prices tripled

Zainab, 55, suffers from heart disease, high blood pressure and rheumatism and needs treatment.

“My blood pressure goes up to 20. Previously, the price of blood pressure medicine 1,500 was SP, but now it has tripled to 5,000 and is not available in pharmacies. This threatens our lives.”

life situation worsens

Ali Rashid, fed up with the “immoral work” carried out by the “Fourth Division”, stated: “Today we want to be treated. Medicine has nothing to do with politics and other things. Medicines are not abundant here, and winter causes disease.

He ended his speech as follows: “I have diabetes and blood pressure and I can’t take my medications. My living situation is getting worse and the prices are too high. I cannot go to other areas to buy medicines because my age does not allow it. Walking for a long time and transportation is very difficult.”


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