Maya Nazor boasts the daring looks of her sisters Ximena and Farah

Maya Nazor has become a fashion icon for many young girls who find in her a source of inspiration thanks to her revealing and innovative outfits, with which it paralyzes the networks and is confirmed as one of the most beautiful on the internet. However, the girlfriend Santa Fe Klan She is not the only one, because also her sisters, Ximena and Farahhave begun to stand out on digital platforms, and the images of their daring looks prove it.

The 23-year-old influencer has many followers, because while in instagram exceeds 4 million, in TikTok he has 6.4 million fans, who like to watch his content. nazor shows from looks that are in trend to family moments, such as the care you take with your baby Luke, as well as some videos with his sisters, who little by little begin to gain relevance in the digital media, since, like the couple of the singer of “Here I am”, They stand out for their charisma and beauty.

Maya Nazor’s sisters drastically change their look

A few days ago, Maya showed her millions of followers on social networks that she had made a change of look, since she went from being a blonde to a stunning redhead. However, she was not the only one who decided to receive the year with a new tone in her hair, because Ximena and Farahher sisters too They filled their manes with color, This was presumed by the influencer in an Instagram story, in which the three appear looking in the mirror on their recent visit to the physical store of Sheina brand that became popular for its sale of clothing online.

Maya Nazor shows off her sisters Farah and Ximena Photo: Special

Farahthe smallest of the sisters, was seen with a tone pink, that made her steal the looks, because thanks to this color few recognized her because she changed her features completely. The young content creator, she appears with her relatives wearing a fitted dress with long sleeves and a turtleneck, with which he gave a lecture on winter fashion, since the piece was midi style, a cut that is being used to cover up against low temperatures.

However, the one who showed her look in more detail was ximenawho in his account instagramwhere he has 146 thousand followers, published some stories in which he showed how he currently looks with the tone metallic blue or metallic blue, a color among the fantasies that has been around for a while, as celebrities like Kylie Jenner have worn it, but apparently it will return for this 2023, so Maya’s sister showed that she is aware of the latest in fashion.

the sisters of Maya Every day they gain more popularity in networks, since the sisters-in-law of the Guanajuato rapper are content creators. In a YouTube video, the influencer introduced Ximena and Farah, who have around 20 and 18 years old, respectively, revealing that they have a very good relationship, because in a dynamic called the “Brother’s Tag” they showed that they know each other very well and that they are very close.

Ximena Nazor shows her change of look Photo: Special

Likewise, it is common to see them together with Maya Nazor, so they help her take care of luka, her 5-month-old baby with Ángel Quezada, real name of the interpreter; so in addition to being good sisters, they are also excellent aunts, since on several occasions the 23-year-old influencer has mentioned that she leaves her son with one of them to take a short time off.


Maya Nazor shows off her sisters and they conquer them with their tiny looks

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