Luis Suárez is a possibility of reinforcement for Cruz Azul, the board told Raúl ‘Potro’ Gutiérrez

The La Máquina coach said that he asked for a ‘9’ and the board told him that the Uruguayan striker is an option and they are looking at the possibility

Raul Gutierreztechnical director of Blue Crossconfirmed that the celestial board sought Luis Suarez and “that is being seen.” At a press conference after the win against Pumas in the Cup for Mexicothe ‘Colt’ assured that the Uruguayan striker is a possibility to reinforce the squad.

“I ask for a 9 and they tell me Luis Suarez, I say, why not. It is not that they do not consult me, it is what can happen. If it comes, because it is a possibility, I found out there, then I asked, and the board told me that this is being seen, ”he said gutierrez.

“The idea of ​​propping up the squad and we are looking for a 9 and we want the team to arrive well at the beginning of the tournament and the people who may come integrate in the best way,” added the helmsman of the Machine.

In the same way, the same celestial strategist stated that they may still have many changes in the squad and that Michael Estrada and Iván Morales continue training with the team, although they do not rule out their departures, they have nothing certain.

“What I think is that we are going to wait for that to happen (Luis Suárez). Between now and the start of the tournament there are a lot of changes and someone comes or someone leaves. It remains for us that (Michael) Estrada and Iván (Morales) train with us and it is convenient for them to be in shape, ”he said.

“From what can be said of Luis Suarez, each person can interpret it as they want. If it happens, welcome. Imagine a player of that caliber, even if he is not in his best shape, would do Mexican soccer a lot of good, ”he declared.

Finally, the same gutierrez He repeated that they are looking for a center forward and that it would be good if it is someone of the stature of an element like Luis Suarez.

“All that has revolved around Luis SuarezI hope it comes We are waiting for that and we are looking for one or two elements and what better it to be Luis Suarez. We are looking for someone who scores goals. If it comes, that’s good, ”she concluded.

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