Lorena Herrera: 3 photos that confirm her as the most beautiful of MasterChef Celebrity

Lorraine Herrera has conquered the fans of MasterChef Celebrity due to her discipline and seasoning, which have led her until the end. However, it has also highlighted for its beauty, which he has owned for many years, but which is now in proof every week. The actress and singer has enchanted the public, so now we present you 3 photos with which it is confirmed that she was the most beautiful in the cooking competition.

this sundayor December 18 It will be the final from the second season of MasterChef Celebrity Mexico, where Lorena will face to Arturo López Gavito, Alejandra Ávalos and Ricardo Peralta, who have also shown their culinary skills and are a great competition for the celebrity. However, the interpreter of “I am” and “I will live” has a large number of followers, who support her and trust that she will take first place in this cooking reality show in which she has improved remarkably as the episodes have passed. .

3 photos that confirm the beauty of Lorena Herrera

The actress has many fans due to the fact that has a long history in the media, because we must remember that Lorraine Herrera became known in the 80s, when he participated in the Beauty contests “The Look Of The Year”, Miss Bikini International” and “Señorita Univision”, with which she not only captivated the public, but also the film and television producers who invited her to participate in their projects, being the one that marked her debut the film “The mayates attack”, from 1987.

Lorena Herrera has a long career in the media IG @lorenaherreraoficial

The native of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, had a curvaceous silhouette that made her star in several movies of the controversial Movie Filesbecoming one of the muses of Alfonso Zayas; as well as some Video Home productions, among many others. At the same time, he appeared in soap operas “Muchachitas”, “Dos mujeres, un camino”, “El premio mayor”, “María Isabel” and “Lola, érase una vez”, to mention some of his productions, since on his list of works both on the big and small screen, add more than 90.

Because of her beauty and curvaceous figure, the actress was the image of several magazines, including some specialized for men, such as “Playboy“, for which he posed in 2011, and the “h“. In those publications, Lorraine Herrera She showed her most sensual and captivating side, with which she established herself as one of the women with the best silhouette in the artistic world, a body that she still maintains due to her intense exercise routines and her healthy diet.

Lorena has always stood out for her beauty IG @lorenaherreraoficial

herrera He has also made a path in music, since since 1996 he has released different songs. In recent years, he has become an icon of the LGBTTTIQA + community, thanks to his singles “Masochist”, “Flash” and “Karma” that the members of the collective liked a lot. In fact, this led her to be the first host of the reality show “La Más Draga”, a competition that seeks the best of Mexican drag.

Currently, Lorena Herrera has begun to participate in different competitions, being the cooking ones in which she has shown that despite having a very strict diet, she tastes good and is willing to make any type of dish. Her fans have already seen her in “El Gran Pastelero Bake Off México” showing her skills in desserts, now they are waiting for her to show that she is a true expert in culinary art in “MasterChef México”.

Take care of your silhouette and wear it with the best looks IG @lorenaherreraoficial


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