LIDOM gives details about the request for confiscation of the match against Águilas by Toros

Santo Domingo. The Professional Baseball League of the Dominican Republic issued in the early hours of tonight a clarification on Contentious Resolution No. RC-02-22-23, which is linked to the confiscation of the game from the Águilas Cibaeñas, a measure that benefits the Eastern Bulls.

Below is the LIDOM statement.


The Professional Baseball League of the Dominican Republic, Inc. (Lidom) allows itself to make the following clarifications in relation to the situation created by Contentious Resolution No. RC-02-22-23 by which the League presidency ordered the confiscation of the game held on November 11 of the current year, at the Cibao Stadium between the Toros del Este and Águilas Cibaeñas teams, clarifications regarding the chronology of events around that resolution. Namely:

1. Los Toros del Este filed their claim on the 13th of the current month of December after becoming aware of Contentious Resolution No. RC-01-22-23.

2. On the 14th of the same month, the presidency of the League notified the claim of Toros del Este to the Águilas Cibaeñas team, granting it a period of 24 hours to produce a response document, a document that was deposited on December 15.

3. On December 16, after the Contentious Resolution No. RC-01-22-23 had become final by decision of the Lidom Appeals Commission, that same presidency of the League decided favorably on the claim of the Bulls of the This, which was ruled by the indicated resolution RC-02-22-23, immediately communicated to all teams.

4. The presidency of Lidom does not choose the terms at the moment of hearing the contentious matters of which it is empowered, nor can it consider any of its decisions final and executable until the appeal period expires or said appeal is decided before the Commission. appellate.

5. For the moment, the aforementioned Contentious Resolution No. RC-02-22-23 is suspended in its application due to an appeal filed by the Águilas Cibaeñas team on this same date, which must be known and ruled on in the next few hours. by the Lidom Appeal Commission.

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