Juticalpa sweeps Real Juventud in the final and conquers the Apertura championship in the Promotion League


Juticalpa won the Apertura 2022 tournament title after beating Real Juventud 2-3 and winning on aggregate (2-5) in the Promotion League final.

Cristian Gutiérrez (double) and Yeer Gutiérrez scored the winning goals for those led by Nerlin Membreño who are excited about reaching promotion to the National League.

The 2-0 victory in the first leg was vital for the locals to arrive with confidence at the always difficult field of the Argelio Sabillón Stadium.

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In the midst of a great atmosphere in Santa Bárbara, the grand final of the Apertura 2022 tournament of the Liga de Ascenso took place.

Jefferson Escobar was in charge of delivering justice in a match that could not end due to the power outage.

Cristian “Pin” Gutiérrez’s dressing room goal complicated the path of the comeback in favor of the local team. Yeer Gutiérrez took a throw-in from the right, the ball reached the area and the ’13’ from Olancha took advantage of the inattention of the local team to prop up the ball and score the 0-1 score in the 8th minute.

The penkicks tried to equalize the score in the first half, but the canechera defensive zone was attentive to the dangerous actions.


In the second part of the game, starting the match, Andrés Dávila matched the actions for Real Juventud after three plays in the air that culminated with the header of the player from Santa Barbara for the 1-1.

However, again the “Pin” Gutiérrez was present on the scoreboard for the visit. The player from Olancho took off a rival, outlined himself and sent an effective left-footed shot to cross Brion Dixon’s goal for the provisional 1-2.

At minute 82, Cleber Lucas Dos Santos, the experienced captain of the western team, equalized again, but Nissi Sauceda ended any hope with a kick after a brutal counterattack in the 85th minute.

Juticalpa won the second leg 2-3 and swept Real Juventud in the grand final. In this way, the Olanchanos have the ticket to an eventual final if they do not win the Clausura 2023.


When the discount time of the 90s elapsed, the game had to end after a power blackout at the Argelio Sabillón Stadium. The canecheros footballers had to go to the dressing rooms of the compound.


Royal Youth: Brion Dixon, Geovany Castillo, Carlos Sabillón, Bryan Johnson, Andrés Ávila, Jordi Vázquez, Wiston Vázquez, Luis Jaramillo, Cristian Ávila, Kenrick Cárcamo and Randy Diamond.

Juticalpa FC: Mariano Pineda, Carlos Alvarado, Cristian Gutiérrez, Dylan Andrade, Guillermo Chavasco, Georgie Welcome, Juan Capeluto, Kemsi Abbott, Sony Fernández, Nibiri Martínez and Yeer Gutiérrez


Result: Real Youth 2-3 Juticalpa.

Global: Real Youth 2-5 Juticalpa.

back end.

Opening Tournament 2022.

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