How much does a ticket for the World Cup final between France and Argentina cost?

The problem is not solved. The fans move from one end of the city to the other in search of a ticket. There are too many who are in this city and do not have their ticket for the final between the Argentine team and France at the Lusail stadium. Resale prices remainsince the number of fans that are expected to arrive from Argentina and many who live in Europe keep the demand high for the big event next Sunday.

Many fans maintain dialogues with some leaders of the AFA, in order to try to get more tickets and at official prices. Although it was speculated that they were going to authorize the sale of some 8,000 tickets, what happened in the last hours is that no answers were received about that and despair is increasing among those who do not have enough money to pay $3,000 for a category 3 ticket and about $6,000 for a category 1 location.

Argentina fans cheer on the national team in the streets of Doha

Here the fans went to the Jassim Tower, where the AFA leaders stay, under the idea that there they could get some response to the supposed release of tickets by FIFA. However, they found that there was no favorable scenario.

Given this, the local authorities arranged a large number of police officers. There were no problems, they quickly got everyone out of the place, but first they arrested a Canadian who tried to resell a ticket: when they detected him, they took him away in one of the Qatari security vehicles.

The latest proposals from fans was to head to the FIFA ticket center here to demand an answer. Some even asked that people not leave the place and said: “Let’s stand up to FIFA.” It is estimated that there are more than 3,000 Argentines who are here without tickets and it is believed that there will be another 5,000 who will arrive without purchased seats. This morning what was confirmed is that the tickets were delivered to those who had bought their place in advance for the final.

Argentine fans in Lusail, in one of the matches that the national team played in that stadium. Those who can will return on Sunday Aníbal Greco – LA NACIÓN

The official values ​​for this World Cup final are three:

  • US$1,607 (category 1)
  • US$1,002 (category 2)
  • $6.04 (category 3)

They are logically higher than in the semifinals; by then, a ticket was available for US$955, US$659 and US$357, respectively.

What the fans want here is to get the third-category tickets, not only because they are cheaper, but because those locations are the ones behind the arches, where the majority of the Argentine public is located. Even many, who can afford the prices of a first category, do not want those privileged sectors, because they are in higher areas of the Lusail stadium and away from the heat of the stands.

The concrete thing is that the fans were very pending of some answer. In the WhatsApp groups that the Argentines have here, they announced that tonight it was possible that the tickets promised by FIFA and for which the AFA had interceded would be enabled. From the ticket center they answered that the way to access these locations will be online and that they should remain attentive to the official page.

The local authorities are very attentive to how the issue evolves, since they do not want problems to be generated due to the lack of tickets. The number of agents will even be reinforced in the hotel where the AFA leaders are staying and they are also thinking of an operation with more controls for the day of the game.

Clarification of the Argentine ambassador in Qatar

The Argentine ambassador in Qatar, Guillermo Nicolás, told LA NACION that there was no type of meeting with the AFA to address the lack of tickets to the final between Argentina and France, and resolve the claim of the group of fans of the Albiceleste team that He makes a “picket” at the door of the hotel where he is staying.

“We did not have any meeting with the AFA, that meeting is false; Second, we never intervene and we are not going to intervene now due to ticket issues because it is not something that is our responsibility”, assured Nicolás.

However, the embassy was aware of the safety of the Argentines who traveled to the World Cup. “We did have contact with the Ministry of the Interior from last night until this morning to prevent the police from intervening because we were very concerned about the welfare of the people,” he said.

Thus, Nicolás assured that his task as ambassador was to mediate, that is, to speak with the police authorities to “explain to them that it was a peaceful claim and that there was no intention of generating violence.” Then, he highlighted the “behavior of the Argentines” that determined that the consequences of the demonstration in the hotel hall did not happen to majors.

“Basically the task was to prevent the police from being able to repress or arrest someone,” he closed.


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