Fan bets on Argentina champion in the World Cup; wrong sport Halftime

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Argentina Y France will define this Sunday, November 18, the next champion of the world Cup. The South Americans are, for many, the favorites to lift the world title, so they have decided bet by Scaloni’s painting, as did (albeit incorrectly) a english amateur.

How much was the bet you put on the Argentina vs France Final?

It recently went viral that a guy bet 38 pounds to the fact that the Argentine National Team won the World Cup. However, he was disgusted by not read well to what world you I was messing his money.

According to the details given by one of his friends, the boy who bet did, in fact, do so for Argentinabut to take the Rugby World Cup 2023which will start until September 8 of next year.

How much would you win for the World Cup Final bet?

For those 38 pounds, the amateur expected to collect this Sunday a total of 1064 pounds (25 thousand 652 pesos)However, they will have to wait for rugby’s Albiceleste to do the miracle for them.

Who revealed is history was a user who calls himself Luke in Twitterwho pointed out that even he thought the odds for Argentina in Qatar were very high, until he realized that his friend had been wrong from sport.

“My friend thought Argentina was going to win the World Cup the whole tournament. I thought the odds were too good to be true. It turns out that he bet on the Rugby World Cup“.

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