DOES IT SAY GOODBYE? The enigmatic message from Jesús Angulo on social networks that brings Pocho Guzmán closer to Chivas

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El Canelo shared a publication on social networks that increased suspicions of an imminent departure to León.


Apparently the novel of the negotiation between Chivas and Grupo Pachuca to get the services of Víctor Guzmán and Jesús Angulo They would be close to coming to an end, because Canelo posted an enigmatic message on his social networks that would indicate the end of his stay in Guadalajara.

For several days it was mentioned that the Flock carried out aggressive negotiations with the Hidalgo institution to take over the services of Pocho, where to reduce the cost the letter from Canelo was also placed on the table, in addition to about 3 million dollars. to convince Jesús Martínez and company.

Now, the outlook seems to be clearing up for both institutions and they have apparently convinced Angle of departure towards Grupo Pachuca, specifically to Leónafter a message that Jesús Angulo placed on his instagram account, where he hinted at the end of his time in the Pearl of the West.

“Closing cycles to thank everything the good, to learn from what did not work. And to open the doors for new opportunities and new ways to find happiness”, the midfielder shared on social networks.

What’s next for Chivas?

Guadalajara is ready to play the final stretch of the preseason under the tutelage of coach Veljko Paunović, so they will play the Sky Cup where they will face Mazatlán, Santos, Tigres and Atlas to be at the top for the presentation in the Clausura 2023 against Rayados on January 7, 2023 on the field of the BBVA Stadium.

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