Dialogue began with the Province of Buenos Aires for a new nuclear medicine center

The president of the CNEA, Adriana Serquis, participated with the manager of the Agency’s Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy Area, Gustavo Santa Cruz, in a meeting led by the Minister of Health of the Province of Buenos Aires, Nicolás Kreplak, the director of the Provincial Institute Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer, Marina Pifano, and the Undersecretary for Institutional Coordination of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Pablo Núñez, in which planning began for the creation, construction and equipment of a new nuclear medicine center and radiotherapy that will work together with the Cancer Center of Excellence, whose director, Nicolás Coliqueo, was also present.

Gustavo Santa Cruz explained that “the objective of the meeting was to carry out the first steps of the recovery plan for the Cancer Center of Excellence, in which we will work from the CNEA as we have been doing within the framework of the National Nuclear Medicine Plan.”

The conversations pointed to the construction of a new building with the participation of Invap, which is capable of housing the latest generation linear accelerators, high-rate brachytherapy equipment and metabolic imaging equipment such as PET/CT and SPECT/CT, added to the area nuclear medicine and radiopharmacy. In addition, there was a discussion about enabling research activities, development and training of human resources.

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