Club América fans take opposite positions before the performance of Óscar Jiménez against Necaxa

Friday, December 16, 2022

The America club He held his first duel in the sky cup before the Rays of Necaxaobtaining a 3-3 tie with the definitions of brian rodriguez, jonathan rodriguez Y Roger MartinezHowever, a job that did not go unnoticed was that of the goalkeeper Oscar Jimenez by causing divided opinions among azulcremas fans.

Óscar Jiménez’s work with Club América against Necaxa

The Eagles They appeared on the court Nemesio Diez Stadium with a disadvantage from minute 25′ after the goal of Batista and then increased with the action of John Paul Segovia, but the Azulcremas tied before the first half. during plugin Oscar Jimenez He made a distinguished save from a ball that was going into the corner.

At 61′ running, Roger Martinez made it 3-2, just a few minutes later Oscar Jimenez knocked down an element of Necaxa inside the area for which the whistler decreed a penalty for Lillini’s men, Milton Gimenez he placed the ball on the left side and equalized the score 3-3.

Given the performance of the cream-blue goalkeeper, Oscar Jimenez, He caused good opinions in a large part of the Azulcrema fans because they consider he rescued the result, however, there were also followers who did not give him an ovation and criticized his work for allowing three goals.

The reality is that the trainedr Fernando Ortiz demonstrated the confidence he has in Oscar Jimenez to defend the azulcrema framework: “I trust Óscar 100 percent. Only time will tell and there is still time”, in relation to being plan B after still not having the renewal of Paco Memo.

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