Chayanne celebrates the graduation of her daughter Isadora

This week Chayanne He walks with his chest inflated before the pride he feels as a father when he sees how one of his children reached a new achievement.

It’s about your daughter Isadora Figueroathe fruit of her marriage to Marilisa Maronesse, who just graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Miami Music program. The 22-year-old shared several photos of her graduation and her family celebration on her social media.

Precisely the young woman who is preparing to launch herself as a singer dedicated a publication to her family on her Instagram account.

“Family. Without them, nothing,” said Chayanne’s daughter. Her graduation party included her cousin lele pons, girlfriend in addition to the urban exponent Guaynaa. The family reunion was attended by Chayanne’s other son, Lorenzo Figueroa, one of the artist’s brothers and relatives.

In September of this year, Chayanne announced that his first album would be released in 2023 after an eight-year hiatus and revealed that his daughter would follow in his footsteps in music.

“I’m desperate for him to graduate so that we can work together,” the voice of “Like you and me” said at the time.

I can’t wait for him to release the music he’s making,” Chayanne confessed. The singer assured that his daughter Isadora composes, produces, arranges and sings.

In addition, the young woman is in charge of her social networks. “She’s the one who posts my stuff,” she recounted.

Among the things that Isadora has uploaded to Chayanne’s social networks is the announcement of “Como tú y yo”, the second single from the new album by the Puerto Rican artist, which included the composition of the Venezuelan Servando Primera and the production of Motiff.

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